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1. Setup a company
2. Add and manage a branch
3. Add a warehouse
4. Add a terminal
5. Setup users and access levels
6. Change ownership
7. Setup a product
8. Add product without serial number and warranty
9. Add product that you sell but don't have control on inventory
10. Add product with serial number and warranty
11. Add product with expiry
12. Add product kit with fixed components
13. Add product kit with choices availability
14. Add product with variety (e.g. color, size)
15. Add reorder point
16. Add service (as product)
17. Set price level per account (e.g. Regular, Wholesale)
18. Set customer group (e.g. VIP, Regular)
19. Add customer account
20. Add employee account
21. Add supplier account
22. Add accredited bank
23. Add accredited credit card companies
24. Setup change guide for cashier
25. View master lists
26. Manage inventory type
27. Manage inventory by batch
28. Add / Deduct general inventory
29. Add / Deduct inventory with serial number and warranty
30. Add / Deduct inventory with expiry
31. Check stock for the day
32. Check record of stock in and out
33. Check history of stock transactions with corresponding costs
34. See a comprehensive report on stock movement
35. Check items for reorder
36. Check expired or for-expiry items
37. Check slow-moving items
38. Print master pricelist
39. Print price tags with barcodes
40. Review pricing of items inlcuding margins
41. Conduct a promo sale
42. Upsell
43. Audit cashier and cash declared
44. Log in and out using cashier terminal
45. See all sales transactions
46. Check summary of sales returns and void transactions
47. Check transactions handled by a cashier
48. Check summary of payment methods received
49. Check sales serviced by a sales clerk
50. Check whether item is still within warranty
51. Check sales performance of a product
52. Check sales for product choices
53. Compare sales performance among branches
54. Check breakdown of sales performance (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly, etc)
55. Compare sales and other related data
56. Get summary of all Z Reading records
57. Get final sales for the month
58. Get final OR number issued for the month
59. Manage a terminal from HQ
60. See usage history
61. Add data by batch
62. Change password
63. Edit account
64. Set petty cash in cash drawer
65. Basic transactions for Boutique
66. Basic transactions for F&B
67. Basic transactions for Spa
68. Cashier: Pickup amount
69. Cashier: Void item, transaction
70. Add and manage debit card
71. Send reports
72. Add gift certificate
73. Cashier: Reprint receipt
74. Cashier: Debit card inquiry
75. Cashier: Print cashier report
76. Cashier: Run partial reading
77. Cashier: Run terminal reading
78. Cashier: Change password
79. Cashier: Check item price and availability
80. Cashier: Refund
81. See customer count
82. Cashier: Return and exchange transactions
83. Read dashboard
84. Transfer stocks to another warehouse
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